What is the WildBeastBitcoin?

WBB (WildBeastBitcoin) is a crypto currency based on scrypt algorithm with Kimoto Gravity Well + Time Warp Fix. There are numerous more cryptocurrencies that are similar to WildBeastcoin because several countries have launched their own cryptocurrency. China has its own cryptocurrency, the Chinese Digital Yuan, which can be easily traded employing the Yuan Pay Group app. You can open a yuan pay group account in minutes and trade effectively without any technical knowledge. Or, if you prefer to conduct your trading without your active involvement, you can opt for the bitcoin superstar roboter that automatically does your trading on your behalf.

No Premine, No ICO, No Hidden mining - a clean pure miners coin which is fair from the beginning.

WBB Overview

  • Initial coins per block: 5
  • Block halving rate: 262800  (about two years) (from block 66600 about 6 month)
  • Target spacing in minutes: 4 (about 360 blocks per day) (1 Min from block 66600)
  • Difficulty: retarget every block using Kimoto Gravety Well + Time Warp Fix (from block 66600 DGW3)
  • Pre-mine: 0
  • Total amount of coins: 2.628 million only
  • Type: PoW (Proof of Work)
  • Mining started at block: 1

WBB Wallets

WildBeastBitcoin Wallets can be downloaded from our download section for Windows and MAC OS. Each Wallet is compatible with WBB, this means V1.0.0+ and any other Wallet versions released will always be compatible with WBB.

New versions will receive new features and functions for the use of WBB.

NOTE: Upgrade to Wallet V4.5 Compulsory before Block 66600

WBB Mint Collection

WBB produces 1oz silver collector coins from 999 fine silver with serial number & proof of mint. These coins are made in series of 100 coins only per series.

The series ranging from S01 to S10 and each with a different design.

e.g. S01-001 to S01-100, S02-001 to S02-100 ….. S10-001 to S10-100

Coins can be found in our online auction within the wallet or now also on wbbauction.com

The Collector coins will be released gradually to the auctions and can only be bought with WBB crypto currency.

WBB Adoption Program

WBB is adopting for each series minted a wild rare animal from the WHF (Wildlife Heritage Fund) in the UK. Stories and images of our family members can be seen on the adoption section.

WBB Trading & Mining

The official WildBeastBitcoin pool has a 0% fee to miners to ensure the miners get all what they mine..

WBB Business

WildBeastBitcoin is providing various options to investors and general public for the use of WBB.

  • Online Auction, everyone can be an auctioneer and sell their items like on E-bay - wbbauction.com
  • Online Shop, everyone can be an online shop owner and sell their products - wbbshop.com
  • Wallets with Auction, Shop, Twitter, Facebook integrated
  • Mobile application with Trade, Auction, Shop and Secure encrypted Chat for Android and Apple devices

For more information of each of these features please check out the relevant menu above.

WBB Forum

Our main forum is on bitcointalk.org where you can find updates and take part of general discussion about WBB.

WBB Gateway

WildBeastBitcoin owns it’s own gateway which has been build by us using our own API. This way we ensure we can build on the future of WBB and allow our investors, customers to accept WBB for their products.