WBB Chat Application

Can I assign a image to a contact?


On you chat home screen press and hold the contact you like to assign an image till a menu pops up.

  • Select assign image
  • Select in the storage location form your images
  • Tap on the image you like to assign
  • Tap assign

The image will now be assigned to your contact you have selected.


Your WildBeastBitcoin Team

Can I rename a friends name?


Press and hold on the contact home screen a friends name for about 2 seconds till a menu pops up.

  • Select assign alias
  • Type the new name for your friend
  • Tap ok

Now you see the new assigned name from your friend in your Chat home screen.


Your WildBeastBitcoin Team

How do I delete a message I send?

To delete a message from a conversation press and hold the message you like to delete till an option menu pops up.

Select delete from this pop up.

Once you have selected delete the message will be also removed from the chat history from the friends history.


Your WildBeastBitcoin Team

How to I invite friends?

You can add friends to the chat in two ways:

Friend has WBB Chat app:

  1. Ask the friend for his chat ID
  2. Add his chat ID and wait till he accept your request

Once the friend has accepted your request he will show up as friend and you can chat

Friend has no WBB Chat app:

  1. Tell your friend to download the app from the relevant app store and tell him your ID
  2. Once he has installed it he can add your ID and you will receive a request
  3. Accept the request and you will be able to chat.

Your WildBeastBitcoin Team

I have a old mobile phone can I install the app?

If your phone supports the following OS versions you should be fine.

Minimum requirements:

  • Android - V4.1 and above
  • Apple - iOS 8 and above

Should you have issues installing the WBB Dashboard please let us know by using the “Contact Us” link.

Note: OS versions below the minimum requirements have not been tested.

Your WildBeastBitcoin Team

I have forgotten my password can I retrieve it?


when you have forgotten your password there are no possibility to retrieve it.

This is a security measure of the application.

You need to create a new pair of keys and password.

Note: once you create a new pair of keys and password you need to re-invite your friends again.


Your WildBeastBitcoin Team



Is the mobile application for free?


We are supplying the mobile application for free.

You can download the official apps from the google store and apple store.


Your WildBeastBitcoin Team


The images are locked can I unlock them?


If you like that the receiver can save the image press and hold the image till a menu pop is shown.

Select “unlock”.

Note: Once you unlock an image the receiver can save this image to an differetn location. If you delete the image after the receiver has saved the image to another location it will not remove it from the receivers device.

Only unlock if you are sure you want to enable save for the receiver.


Your WildBeastBitcoin Team


Where is the best place to backup my key pair?

The best way to keep a copy on you PC in a secure location. From there you can retrieve your personal key should you ever need to install the app on another device because your phone got stolen or you lost it.

When you need to reactivate the app with your private key pairs you can then transfer the keys over google drive, email or any other means of transferring your keys.

Note: if you do not back up your keys there is no way to retrieve your friends list, chat history and groups. Also if you forget your password there is no possibility to retrieve it


Your WildBeastBitcoin Team

WBB Dashboard Application

Can I see my trade history?


Tab on Orders and you will see your open orders and order history.

Your WildBeastBitcoin Team 


How long does it take to initiate a trade?

Once you have submitted a buy or sell within the WBB Trade screen it is executed immediately.

Your WildBeastBitcoin Team 

Is the ticker on the WBB Dashboard live?


The ticker will show the following live information on the Dashboard home screen and in the Trade screen:

- Last

- Bid

- Ask

This information is automatically refreshed every 15 seconds.


Your WildBeastBitcoin Team


I can not find the message board

We have decided to turn of the message board as we concentrate on the development of the WBB currency and applications.

Our main message board where we post updates is found on: www.bitcointalk.org

Your WildBeastBitcoin Team