WBB Exchange

WBB is planning the WBB Exchange in Switzerland

In 2016 the WBB team is planning to create (in Switzerland) the WBB Exchange for trading WBB and other crypto currencies. This is the first time that a crypto coin is building it’s own exchange to trade and become a main ALT to be exchanged in trade for other ALT coins.

This is a major step for WBB, creating a stable currency and bringing WBB a step closer to the public. Once the WBB Exchange is built and live then the business model for WBB is complete. With this, WBB is providing the public with a range of products which have real world usage and form a stable base for the WildBeastBitcoin in todays market. The product range covers:

  • Trading Exchange
  • Auction facilities
  • Shop facilities
  • Mobile central hub
  • High Secure communication application
  • Transport investment
  • Silver collector coins

On the WBB Exchange we will have 2 to 3 main currencies as a master currency where other ALT’s can trade against it. It is undecided which other ALT’s will be used for this.

The aim is that the WBB Exchange is not owned by one person but is owned by the public. Future changes to the WBB Exchange would be based on a voting system of the co-owners (shareholders) of the WBB Exchange.

For this we will create 200000 shares of which 150000 shares will be sold to the public, where we restrict how many shares can be owned by one person. The shareholders will receive a monthly income from the WBB Exchange for life or as long they own their shares.

In the initial stages we plan to release ¼ of 150000 (37500) shares for early investors in the WBB Exchange. To commence each share will be set to 0.00275BTC per share for early investors.

Early investors will be part of the core of the WBB Exchange. After the initial 37500 shares been divided between the core investors a higher price per share will be set.

Cost structure of WBB Exchange Shares:

  • 1 - 37500            = 0.00275 BTC per share - NO MORE AVAILABLE
  • 37501 - 75000   = 0.00550 BTC per share
  • 75001 - 112500   = 0.00825 BTC per share
  • 112501 - 150000 = 0.01100 BTC per share

50000 shares (25%) will be held back and form part of the income for the development team of WBB.

150000 shares (75%) will be public owned to provide dividends for shareholders.

Each share will be worth 0.0005% of the WBB Exchange and create an income of 0.0005% of the monthly net profits to the investor of the WBB Exchange.

Coins which will be listed on the WBB Exchange will undergo a stringent vetting process before they are listed on the exchange. This is to avoid scam coins being listed. Listing of coins will be based on shareholders vote, after vetting. If a coin receives enough votes (majority) it will be added to the WBB Exchange. Listing of coins will be free on the WBB Exchange.

Revenue streams of the WBB Exchange will be:

  • Advertisements with small banners on weekly / monthly basis
  • Front page list for coins using their logo on weekly / monthly basis
  • Trade fees of 0.125% on Buy & Sell orders
  • Exchange from Crypto to FIAT with a 0.125% fee

Shareholders will receive monthly statements on total trade amounts on the WBB Exchange and profit / loss accounts. WBB Exchange will be based on “Open Books”.

Public / non investors will be able to see total trade amounts only and gross revenue of the WBB Exchange.

More information will follow soon.

If you are interested in being part of something unique, contact us with regard to your intent to become a WBB Exchange Shareholder. We will then contact you in due course.


Intent of WBB Shareholding

We have closed the pre-intent for WBB Exchange shares. Registered users will be contacted in due course for next steps.


The WildBeastBitcoin Team